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Conducting employee reviews during job hunting


It is important to know what goes on in a particular company before applying for a job or seeking any services from them. Understanding the relationship between the workers and those running the business is important. This helps you know which organization to work for and the one you should avoid. Some employees both current and former may give their varied opinions based on their stay in that particular area of work. You should understand that some may not give honest opinions because of past brawls with colleagues or the management. There are different platforms where you can get employee reviews of a particular company most of them being online sites. Nu Skin glassdoor review is one of the sites where the current and former staff give reviews about their business.


Most of these sites have the company employees operating on the basis of anonymity giving their own views about their relationship with the staff and their structure of management. They do highlight both the good and bad side of it depending on their experience. You should understand that not all companies offer such platforms, so you have to dig deeper in case you didn't find reviews for that you are looking forward to working with. Conducting company reviews can be substantial during job hunting. Here is what you should consider when handling employee reviews while seeking a job.



Some of these sites give ratings to the different reviews aired by the employees about their management or company.002 It is therefore important for you to consider them and decide whether you should believe them and make your next move. Feel free to ask questions on a particular review and also judge them on the tone and speed they use in replying to your question or the kind of answers they give.



If you are dedicated to this course, then you will do whatever it takes to know what goes on in that particular company. Employees may give their own reviews some of which may be hard for you to believe. You should, therefore, dig deeper and do a thorough research on that organization so that you may know if all what they are saying is true. Job hunting can be a desperate affair to many, but one should be keen not to fall into another trap.


Do comparisons

003Different companies have different reviews and ratings from their workers. You should check on reviews from various companies and conduct comparisons before settling for the right one for you. One should be keen because some may pay their workers to give out only positive views about them. Transparency should be the first thing in mind when making these comparisons.

A 5 step guide to improving your body image


A person’s subjective perception of how their body looks is what determines their health. For instance, studies
show that poor body health is harmful to your physical and mental health. A study posted in the Journal of Health Psychology conducted on 100 college-age women revealed that majority of the women were dissatisfied with their bodies. Surprisingly, they did not demonstrate any intention to exercise either. Many ask themselves how they can experience and emerge with a strong, healthy body image. Here are some of our top suggestions.

Ramp up your exercise goals

gfhfhfghfghfghfghThere are many benefits of exercise – first, the focus should begin on human rights. Another 2014 study published on body image focusses on women who exercise regularly. This will reduce your stress levels and generate a healthier feeling that shows improvements in your body image. When you go to the gym, do not focus on how your body will look like once you are through, instead focus on what it can do while there. As you keep exercising, your body will break new ground you never imagined before.

Daily meditation

Meditation is an effective stress reliever. A leading study on women who undertook 20-minute self-compassion guided meditation every day revealed general dissatisfaction and body shame. Surprisingly, they all witnessed increased body appreciation. The positive impact of the meditation was felt three months after the completion of the sessions.

Devote more of your personal time to hobbies

Ask yourself what can be done that will be cool. Some people consider dancing or running as the only physical skills that are effective. Few are aware that singing, knitting, painting or cooking equally quality as physical skills. Identify your body’s unique skill set and engage in regular exercises that utilize them. Always use your body in ways that reflect positively on yourself.

Strength training sessions

Not many people can do daily morning runs. They would prefer weight fitness training. Psychological report studies show that aerobic exercises such as running improves your body image. Surprisingly, strength training does an equally better job. Two weekly workout sessions are adequate to give your body an image boost. The older women who participated in this training programs witnesses significant improvements in their body image within 2 weeks.

Be positive

gfhfghfghfghfghfghOne major factor that determines the progress of your workout is your psychological state. Do not let the poor body mentality discourage you from working hard. Research reveals that a good number of young women exhibit distress with their bodies when discussing concerns with their body image, dieting or exercises. In such scenarios its best to surround yourself with positive-spirited individuals. If your friends allude to fat or to shame behavior, feel free to interject and deviate to healthier talk.


Many are eager to start the first step but need motivation and encouragement. They must be guided to see that getting into shape is in line with their best interests. Once one decides on a workout routine, they should stick to it irrespective of the seasons. This should be accompanied by a healthy diet. Discipline is the hardest part to master, but once you get a grip, you will see a New Improved Body anytime you look at yourself in the mirror.

Teeth grinding causes and treatments


Recent studies show that a lot of people are suffering from bruxism or teeth grinding. There are several reasons for this; from pinworms to deficiencies. In fact, you may not even realize it, unless others tell you. The common bruxism symptoms include headache and worn-down teeth. The following are the common causes of bruxism and treatments:

Causes of teeth grinding


t3edrf7cvjed8922This is the leading cause of teeth grinding. It is as a result of inadequate calcium and pantothenic acid. The kids are the ones who usually suffer from calcium deficiency. This can easily be cured by taking calcium pills. However, if inadequate pantothenic acid causes your teeth grinding problem, the intervention can be quite complex. Another cause of this problem is lack of magnesium. This is more common in adults as compared to kids.


Pinworms do cause teeth grinding. This is prevalent in countries, which have water that is not up to the required standards. Examination of the stool can help determine whether you have pinworms. It is quite easy to treat this condition if you have pinworms. Usually, this is the first test doctors will do before proceeding.

Psychological problem

It is true that psychological problems can cause teeth grinding. For instance, if you have serious problems such as suppressed anger, you can suffer from bruxism. This is common among kids, who cannot adapt to the environment they are in. For adults, it happens if one undergoes traumas. Difficult diagnosis is one which involves nerve disorders.

Dental filing

If your dental filing is not done up to the standard, it is likely to provoke bruxism. This happens to individuals who had procedures carried out just recently. The problem is just temporary.

vg3edfc6vhed8f2ook2If this problem continues for an extended period, you should consult your doctor. Remember that teeth grinding can loosen your jaw and teeth in the long run. Moreover, it can cause mental unrest. If a problem which causes teeth grinding is not a psychological one, caused by the nervous system, or by a disease, then the tips shared below can help you treat the problem.

Be less stressed

This is easy said than done. However, if you take some time to relax and eliminate stress, it can be of great help. Reducing the anxiety can contribute to eliminating bruxism. The advice may not do the wonders overnight but can be helpful both with your blood pressure and teeth.

Use dental guard

This will keep your teeth from grinding. It may be uncomfortable, annoying, but it may be the only solution that works for you.

The natural way of life


Even wondered why our elders were stronger and much more resilient than us? They tell us stories of the time when they would multi-task, lift different items, travel for miles on foot or cycle, etc. Today we are not able to do any of those things. We have become dependent on technology to do most of our work which our elders did themselves. Though technology has helped us save time and a lot of effort, it has also made us lazy and weak.

While our ancestors believed in the natural way of life, we, on the other hand, are the complete opposite. Therefore, there are so many issues that we face these days, which did not exist, back in the day. It is mainly because they consumed natural food and natural/herbal medicines. Although they would not fall sick as often as we do and when they did, they would only resort to herbal medicines. Medicines made from the natural ingredients without containing any allopathic elements. This helped them in recovering sooner and afterward, would stay fit and healthy for longer periods of time.

Nothing can compete with ayurveda

2Nowadays, whenever we are facing a headache or coming down with flu, we would quickly swallow a pill. Not thinking of the side effects, we would even take two or more in a day until we are fully recovered. But, consuming allopathic medicine has severe and long-lasting side effects. The same can be said about treatments. Whatever the problem we have, our only aim is to rush to the hospital to get treatment. We do not even pay heed to other alternatives such as natural treatment. But, just like natural food and herbal medicines, natural treatment is also very beneficial with little to no side effects.

Having its roots in the Indian culture, existed a type of natural treatment known as Ayurvedic treatment. Closely linked to practices such as yoga and meditation, Ayurveda is adopted by several people around the world to find a natural solution to physical and mental health. Instead of paying thousands of dollars to doctors and physicians, this treatment has the ability to motivate the person and eradicate any issues that may be pressurizing their bodies. So much so that people even resort to Ayurvedic treatment for problems associated with the heart, diabetes, infertility and much more. It has proven results, and many people have acknowledged that the treatment has helped them in achieving a state of mind and body that allopathic treatment could not.


Today, there are several clinics that are providing dedicated service in Ayurveda and one of them is Ayushakti's Professional Ayuverda Clinic in Bangkok. Being in the business for many years, the clinic has a history of offering proper and complete natural solutions to their clients. Different massages are for different purposes. The motive of all the treatments is to relieve the person of the complaints that they have come to the clinic with. Founded by one of the well-known Pulse Readers in the world Vaidya Smita Naran, the clinic has an answer to all your problems.

Botox injection: a necessity or a trend?


Are you distracted with the impression that you looked old, worried, mad, and disappointed because of your frown lines? Though you are in the natural way of your facial expression yet, your wrinkles and face lines would give a negative impression from others. And even if how you tried your best to restore your skin the way it was before through creams, masks, capsules and other beauty products that you wished to resolve your problem but still, you have seen it every day in the mirror. Finally, a new medical and cosmetic method called botox injection that becomes a trend to restore youthful skin could be the answer to all your problem. It is a non-surgical injection that would soothe your skin muscles. It is useful to consider the clinic that has expertise in the service. Botox injections Glasgow uses a very latest technology in providing a world-class service in botox injection. It is the most popular cosmetic and medical procedure performed today but before you might give a try, let us first check its nature, benefits, and cost.



Botox came from an organism found in the environment that is the non-toxic and inactive neurotoxin. It is a toxin that helps reduce the lines in your muscles. But this toxin could be a harm too when it transforms into vegetative cells that would produce botulinum toxin responsible for botulism. It is a deadly illness that causes respiratory failures. But despite the possible toxins, it proved a cosmetic and medical solution.


Primarily, it employed in preventing wrinkles from forming on your face. But it has a help too in treating other medical conditions like migraines, leaky bladders, eye squints, and excessive sweating. Other than this, it has approved to some therapeutic solutions like the severe muscle spasm.




The powder is diluted in saline and injected into the patient directly to the muscle tissue. It may take 3-5 days to observe the effect of the injection. And accordingly, it would take 3-4 months effectivity before another treatment needed.


The cost of botox depends on how many areas need treatment. But usually, it ranges from 360 u.s dollars to 770 u.s dollars or more. But for medical purposes, the cost is higher.




The side effects also depend to the person's body adjustment. But more likely, you would feel mild pain, headache, temporary muscle weakness, numbness, rashes, and swelling. You may also try to search more on this topic.

Having known the advantages and disadvantages of this new cosmetic and medical trend, it is up to you to give a try or not. You may have a further research about this topic if this botox injection is really for you. Goodluck!

There Is Always A Way Out


It has been said before that no human being is ever satisfied with their looks. They'll always look themselves in the mirror and complain about something they don't like. But there is nothing wrong with that it's our nature as human beings. We never get satisfied so easily. We will always look at something from a distance and wish that we had exactly that. This attitude could come to play in different scenarios including our very own physical appearance.


There is always a way out

Not to worry if your looks don't fit your expectations. There is a way out of this one as well as every other issue you might be facing. Our faces happen to be our most treasured assets. This is because they always reveal our true identity to anyone who might be interested. All the more reason to take proper care of our faces at all times. When we see those wrinkles that appear prematurely, it's not the time to start fretting. As we've seen, there is always a way out.


Go about it the medical way

Most of us have heard of botox and how it works. We might even have heard of the Botox injections Glasgow. This is a clinical institution that specializes in bettering their clients' lives in every way.
Who wouldn't oblige to such a generous offer to get rid of wrinkles for good? We would all want to look in the mirror one day and smile at ourselves genuinely.


Look in all the right places

A critical disclaimer though, not every clinical procedure is guaranteed to restore you entirely and leave you smiling. You have to dig deeper and look in all the right places. Do your research for you to know exactly where you are headed.
Use a certain protocol if necessary for you to find the right people to work with. Search the internet especially. This is where they all are and are simply waiting for their timeless techniques and medical mysteries to be unraveled.


Your role in all these

As an individual, you have a role to play in getting a facelift. Yours is to follow the instructions given to you faithfully. Failure to which could lead to some regret in the long run.
Your role is also to be positive all the way. Believe that the path you have taken is the right one and that it will bear fruit.


Keep smiling

At the end of the day when all is said and done, your smile is the best and nearest cure. Make the most out of it and watch it take you places.
Most of the problems we face pertaining our physical appearance are due to the attitude that lies deep within.
Life will beat us down with all its uncertainties but how we handle them is all that matters. We can choose to either hold on to them or to let them go and be free.
Being light at heart is one of the best things we can do for ourselves. This has to start with the underlying issues that we must first sort out on our own.

Guide to buying badminton rackets


When it comes to playing badminton, the kind of racket you choose is a very important consideration. A racket could mean a win or fail for you. You might have all the skills needed to deliver a good game, but with the wrong racket your performance could end up being a nightmare. It is therefore imperative to take time and choose your badminton racket carefully. There are many badminton rackets brands and finding the right and best badminton racket could prove a daunting task. However, if you follow this guide to buying badminton rackets, you can rest assured that you will only choose the best.

Buying badminton rackets

Weight of the racket


One of the important guides to buying badminton rackets is the weight. The weight of a racket is denoted by the letter 'U'. The higher the number, the less the weight while the lower the number, the more the weight. If you will be playing doubles, you should get a racket with less weight. It will ensure that you play in high speed and react faster to your opponent's hits. For a singles player, a racket with more weight is recommended. It provides you with a higher mass and more stability. Even when the speed is lower, your smashes will be stronger.


As a guide to buying badminton rackets, it is important to note that the balance of rackets is categorized into 3. There are head-heavy rackets, head-light rackets and balanced weight rackets. Head-heavy rackets have more mass on the head and thus give powerful smashes. They are suitable for players who love playing badminton from the back of the court. This kind of racket also gives a player lengthy clears. The head-light rackets have less mass on the head. They are recommended for doubles players since they allow the player with speed and react faster to smashes. Head-light rackets are also good for playing along the net line. Balanced weight rackets give the best of both worlds. They find a balance between head light and head heavy rackets. They are good for both singles and doubles players.

String tension

The string tension of a racket could be high or low. The higher the tension, the lower the power while the lesser the tension, the higher the power. Beginners are advised to start with a racket that has lower tension. This is because at this level they are lacking in timing and power and a low tension racket will help them achieve this. They can increase the tension as they become more advanced. A high tension racket is suitable for advanced players.

Shaft flexibility and stiffness

Another guide to buying badminton rackets is the shaft flexibility. The flexibility and stiffness of your racket depend on the speed of your wrist or arm also known as your swing speed. The higher your swing speed, the stiffer the shaft should be while the lower your swing speed, the more flexible your shaft should be

Price range

skjskjsjksskjsjsjsjBadminton rackets vary in cost based on brands and the quality. The most important thing to consider when it comes to the cost of a badminton racket is the quality. Always put a balance between cost and quality. Choose a racket that will give you the best results and deliver your money's worth.

How To Pick The Best Skincare Products


There are many factors to consider how to pick the best skincare products for your skin. These tips will guide you to selecting the best skin care out of the variety that is available in the market. It is not advisable to just go for any skincare product before you determine whether it is the recommended one suitable for your skin. You might end up destroying your skin and even have some infections due to wrong procedures you may follow. When you want to purchase any skincare product, you should seek advice or research the various products on how and when to use them.

Some factors to consider when buying skin care products

Know your skin type

e567utryeThis is the most crucial to consider before you make a mistake. Your skin type matters a lot, and you should be keen. Before you buy any skin care product from the store, have a basic idea whether your skin is dry, oily or sensitive because this will determine how the skin care will interact with your body. The seller of the products can be willing to help you decide one appropriate for your skin. Otherwise, if you ignore this, your skin will sometimes have itches.

Consider your complexion

When you plan to buy a skincare product first consider whether your skin is fair, light, medium or dark. This is because there are some skin care products which have something to do with how your skin appears. Though the product may impose a very slight difference, you need to insist on buying a skin care product that is tinted to match your skin. Also, consider the effect of the sun to your skin because different people have different reactions. People with fair skins are most affected, so you should go for a product that can do with the situation.

The nature of skincare product you need

There are different types of skin care to choose from. Decide whether you prefer organic or synthetic products. Some people may prefer to buy organic skin care products because they have no traces of toxic chemical ingredients and also these products are environmentally friendly. Organic products contain natural ingredients that are not genetically modified therefore they are suitable for most skins. The synthetic skin care products may also be preferable to some people who have adopted them. Your skin might be allergic to either of the skincare products, but you can choose to take the other type that does not bother you.34567ryet

Know the active ingredients in the skin care product

Skincare products have some ingredients which nourish your skin. When you plan to purchase a skincare product, you must have a look at the active ingredient in that product. You are supposed to pick a product that has active ingredients that have been clinically proven to be effective to your skin. Products like vitamin A and B helps in moistening the skin while vitamin C and E is effective in skin texture by decreasing wrinkles and sun damaged effects. These ingredients are supposed to have at least 5- 15% concentration in the product.

Signs That Suggest You Need To Drink More Water


Dehydration can be described as a condition when your body does not have the required percentage of fluids and water as it is supposed to have. Research has it that water makes up about 60-80 percent of a humans body mass. That is why the moment you do not consume the required amount of water your body begins having issues. That is why it is advisable that one consumes plenty of water each day as it is critical to the efficient functioning of the body systems. That is why if you are not taking the required amount of water your body will give some signs that will tell you that you need to drink more water. Let us look at some of those signs.

Constant headaches

When you have not drunk enough water, the body automatically tries to preserve the water that is in it by reabsorbing the water that is in the body cells and tissues. This is meant to compensate for the low water uptake or lack of fluids in the body. This absorption causes the brain cells to lose moisture, and as a result, they shrink, hence pulling away from the skull. This is when the pain receptors that are in the head are pulled, hence resulting in constant headaches. Additionally, when you do not drink enough water, the level of blood drops hence no enough oxygen supply to the head leading to one experiencing headaches.

Mouth dries

Somebody's mouth drying more especially on the lips can seem pretty obvious to many of us, but this can be an indication of dehydration. So the moment you feel the sticky, nasty mouth feeling, it is the clearest indication that you need to take some water or reach out for some form of liquid. It is advisable that at this point you do not drink sugary drinks. Water is very important as it keeps one’s mouth and throat moist and hydrated throughout.we45r6tuy

Dry skin

All of us know that the skin is the largest body organ and hence needs to stay hydrated always. But when one has dry skin, it is the clearest indication that they are severely dehydrated. If you are not hydrated, you will not sweat and if you don’t want then harmful toxins will accumulate in the body hence causing health problems to you.

You are overly thirsty

When you are feeling very thirsty, then it is the clearest indication that you need to drink some water.

Other signs that indicate that you need to drink water is when you realize that your eyes are dry or even when you start experiencing joint pains.

So, when your body is exhibiting such signals, just know that you need to drink more water.

Welcome to AGID


Welcome to AGID

The AGing Integrated Database (AGID) is an on-line query system based on AoA-related data files and surveys, and includes population characteristics from the Census Bureau for comparison purposes. The system allows users to produce customized tables in a step-by-step process and output the results in print or spreadsheet form.

To begin your query, please select the desired database and follow the system prompts.

arrowState Program Reports (SPR) 2000-2008
Data on the supportive services programs and congregate and home delivered meals programs under Title III of the Older Americans Act, as well as the Title VII Elder Rights program

arrowNational Ombudsman Reporting System (NORS) 2000-2008
Information on the efforts of long term care ombudsmen as reported by each State Agency on Aging, including data on staffing, facilities and beds, and types of complaints from residents

arrowNational Survey of OAA Participants 2003-2005, 2008
Data from a collection of annual national surveys of recipients of Older Americans Act (OAA) program services reporting on service quality and consumer-reported outcomes

arrowNational Survey of Area Agencies on Aging (AAA) 2005/2006
Results from a national survey of the Area Agencies on Aging providing information on a wide range of data from funding sources to partnerships with other agencies

arrowTitle VI Services by Tribal Organization 2002-2007
Information about nutrition, caregiver, and supportive services provided to Native Americans under Title VI of the Older Americans Act