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Guide to buying badminton rackets


When it comes to playing badminton, the kind of racket you choose is a very important consideration. A racket could mean a win or fail for you. You might have all the skills needed to deliver a good game, but with the wrong racket your performance could end up being a nightmare. It is therefore imperative to take time and choose your badminton racket carefully. There are many badminton rackets brands and finding the right and best badminton racket could prove a daunting task. However, if you follow this guide to buying badminton rackets, you can rest assured that you will only choose the best.

Buying badminton rackets

Weight of the racket


One of the important guides to buying badminton rackets is the weight. The weight of a racket is denoted by the letterĀ 'U'. The higher the number, the less the weight while the lower the number, the more the weight. If you will be playing doubles, you should get a racket with less weight. It will ensure that you play in high speed and react faster to your opponent's hits. For a singles player, a racket with more weight is recommended. It provides you with a higher mass and more stability. Even when the speed is lower, your smashes will be stronger.


As a guide to buying badminton rackets, it is important to note that the balance of rackets is categorized into 3. There are head-heavy rackets, head-light rackets and balanced weight rackets. Head-heavy rackets have more mass on the head and thus give powerful smashes. They are suitable for players who love playing badminton from the back of the court. This kind of racket also gives a player lengthy clears. The head-light rackets have less mass on the head. They are recommended for doubles players since they allow the player with speed and react faster to smashes. Head-light rackets are also good for playing along the net line. Balanced weight rackets give the best of both worlds. They find a balance between head light and head heavy rackets. They are good for both singles and doubles players.

String tension

The string tension of a racket could be high or low. The higher the tension, the lower the power while the lesser the tension, the higher the power. Beginners are advised to start with a racket that has lower tension. This is because at this level they are lacking in timing and power and a low tension racket will help them achieve this. They can increase the tension as they become more advanced. A high tension racket is suitable for advanced players.

Shaft flexibility and stiffness

Another guide to buying badminton rackets is the shaft flexibility. The flexibility and stiffness of your racket depend on the speed of your wrist or arm also known as your swing speed. The higher your swing speed, the stiffer the shaft should be while the lower your swing speed, the more flexible your shaft should be

Price range

skjskjsjksskjsjsjsjBadminton rackets vary in cost based on brands and the quality. The most important thing to consider when it comes to the cost of a badminton racket is the quality. Always put a balance between cost and quality. Choose a racket that will give you the best results and deliver your money's worth.